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Seaworthy Partner

De Naval was established in 1995 in Rijeka, Croatia and is running continuously ever since, providing tech and staff support for numerous domestic and foreign partners. We are experienced in all phases of a ship project cycle, from a concept development and basic design to the delivery of production drawings and documentation.

We are expert with wide range of vessel types. Most of our recent projects include offshore support vessels, aqaculture and fish vessels. With our well qualified professionals, we ensure right management and technical solutions for the project.

Since December 2015 we are part of Adriatic Engieneering Solution, AES, a group of three companies which have pooled their resources working closely together in marine, offshore and process industry projects.


We can offer full package and deliver a complete project or provide specific services you need. Our capabilities cover but are not limited to:

  • Naval Architectural design

    Naval Architectural design

    Main particulars estimates, lines design, general arrangements, weight and capacity estimates, 3D visualizations. Calculations: hydrostatic, stability, motions, ship resistance and powering prediction, CFD optimization…

  • Structural design

    Structural design

    Basic class design: structural analysis by class rules, analytical, as well finite element structural analyses, class drawings, 3D hull modeling, workshop and lofting documentation.

  • Machinery and equipment arrangements and outfittings

    Machinery and equipment arrangements and outfittings

  • Yard assessment and onsite support

    Yard assessment and onsite support

    We can ensure our client to get best possible service from a local shipyard of choice and provide follow up of a new building or a refit onsite.

  • Marine operations

    Marine operations

    Docking and undocking calculations, sea lunching and lifting operations, mooring analyses… you name it. Our engineers can deal with those specific actions.

  • Project management and consultancy

    Project management and consultancy

    Ask our experts for guidance and advice, we are finding right people and establishing competent team for your needs.

  • Live Fish Carrier 3500 m3, Grip Explorer

    Live Fish Carrier 3500 m3, Grip Explorer

  • 30 m Full Electric Passenger Catamaran

    30 m Full Electric Passenger Catamaran

  • Fishery inspection vessel, Nordsøen

    Fishery inspection vessel, Nordsøen

  • 4500 m3 Live fish carrier, Gåsø Odin

    4500 m3 Live fish carrier, Gåsø Odin

  • 7500 m3 Live fish carrier, Gåsø Høvding

    7500 m3 Live fish carrier, Gåsø Høvding

  • Aquaculture Workboats

    Aquaculture Workboats

  • Purse Seiner 15m, Hellodden

    Purse Seiner 15m, Hellodden

  • Wellboat 3500 m³, Gåsø Freyja

    Wellboat 3500 m³, Gåsø Freyja

  • MachoCat 25, Frøy Harvest & Frøy Valkyrien

    MachoCat 25, Frøy Harvest & Frøy Valkyrien

  • Wellboat 3500m³, Gåsø Jarl

    Wellboat 3500m³, Gåsø Jarl

  • Macho 40, Frøy Fighter

    Macho 40, Frøy Fighter

  • DIVE/ROV Support Vessel

    DIVE/ROV Support Vessel

  • Macho 36, Emmanuel

    Macho 36, Emmanuel

  • Macho 25, Frøy Server

    Macho 25, Frøy Server

  • Wellboat 3000m³, Gåsø Viking

    Wellboat 3000m³, Gåsø Viking

  • Planing Boat 6m

    Planing Boat 6m

  • OSV 70

    OSV 70

  • Semidisplacement Boat 8m

    Semidisplacement Boat 8m


From the year 2006, De Naval most closely cooperates with More Maritime AS, located in Kristiansund, Norway, providing support on development of their fishery and aquaculture vessels design.

In years of our practice we have cooperated with many partners locally and internationally:


  • SSI's Certified Training

    SSI's Certified Training

    SSI ShipConstructor software

    By the end of September nine of our staff completed SSI's Certified Training, obtaining Professional and Specialist level of SSI's ShipConstructor2018.

    SSI Press Release

  • Atlantic Navigator vessel conversion

    Atlantic Navigator vessel conversion

    As a part of AES, we started a cooperation with Viktor Lenac on conversion of the vessel Atlantic Navigator.

  • A new project: aquaculture support vessel

    We just started new project, MACHO CAT 25, an aquaculture support vessel.

  • LNG International Summit

    We attended the LNG International Summit in France, Cannes, from 7-8 march 2016.

Contact & Careers

De Naval d.o.o.

Krimeja 5, 51000 Rijeka
Office Address:
Kumičićeva 46, 51000 Rijeka
Tel: +385 51 400 044
Fax: +385 51 218 772
Mail: de-naval@de-naval.hr

Company Info

De Naval, limited liability company for ship design, engineering and consulting

Registred at Commercial Court, Rijeka (Croatia)
MBS: 040063221
OIB: 36845256976
Share Capital: 40.000,00 HRK
PBZ, HR1223400091117013213

Board Members

Board Member
Davor Valerjev
+385 98 326 990

General Manager
Marin Valerjev
+385 98 356 494

Technical Manager
Andrej Golac
+385 98 510 164


Please send your CV for open application to:

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